Battleground Virginia is created by a team of political insiders and driven filmmakers who are dedicated to showcasing the inner-workings of our local government with impeccable visual artistry.


Zachary Werrell is an accomplished political operative best known for managing Dave Brat's historic upset over then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Zachary has quickly made a name for himself in the conservative movement, specifically within Virginia politics. Additionally, he studied Documentary Filmmaking at Haverford College.


Holden Boyles is the filmmaker behind BGVA. Having traveled the country and abroad as both a commercial and artistic director, he and his team at Coward Films are now inventing a new way to tell political stories through the medium of film. BGVA is Coward's cinematic and imaginative take on the political documentary genre. 

Watch a highlight reel of work from Coward Films, the team behind the production: