Battleground Virginia is a documentary film that captures the Republican Party from the ground up. How do politics work at the local level? What happens behind the scenes of the most influential yet undocumented campaigns? This non-partisan project aims to truly examine the people behind the politics and the challenges they face on the campaign trail. From the wacky characters and events that liven the local political scene, to the harsh realities and chaos that is a part of this dynamic and often cut throat game, Battleground Virginia will capture it all from the perspective of three Virginia campaigns.

~ Broad view on party and politics in the US and why it's the right time to be making this film ~

Battleground Virginia is not your typical documentary film as we aim to invent a new format for the genre. Injecting cinematic and fictional elements, quirky animations, allegorical and humorous sketches, and an eclectic soundtrack, this documentary will be unlike anything you've seen before.